Metapoint Partners relies on investment bankers, business brokers, accountants, lenders, and attorneys to help us find interesting companies. We do not approach business owners directly, instead we rely entirely on our relationships with intermediaries to help us locate investment opportunities. We enjoy positive and mutually rewarding relationships with these intermediaries, and we work hard to be considerate, confidential, and responsive.

  • Intermediaries
  • Selling Shareholders
  • Management

Intermediaries choose to work with Metapoint for the following reasons:

  • Responsive & Candid Feedback to Transaction Opportunities

    We understand that with a transaction time is of the essence. We are committed to responding to suggestions and ideas in a timely basis with frank and candid feedback.

  • Experienced & Knowledgeable Investors

    Metapoint has been investing in small manufacturing businesses for close to 30 years. We understand these types of businesses and are willing and able to work through the issues that come up during a transaction.

  • A Proven Ability to Close

    Having closed thirty transactions we are very experienced in all aspects of a transaction. We have well established legal, banking and accounting relationships that are necessary to successfully complete a transaction.

  • Success Fees

    Metapoint pays customary success fees and welcomes suggestions and ideas on any potential transaction.


Please do not hesitate to Contact Us with any opportunities.

During the acquisition negotiations, there were several personal issues which could have been extremely difficult. The issues were resolved very easily because Metapoint seemed to innately understand what was really important and what really mattered. Throughout the process, there was mutual trust.”
Bill Gundy, selling shareholder of NPC Inc., a past Metapoint investment

Metapoint has been acquiring companies for over 28 years, and this experience has given us a strong understanding of the many diverse reasons businesses are sold. Whether a transaction is driven by retirement, the buyout of a business partner, recapitalization for growth, or some other reason, we take the time to understand the key issues behind the decision to sell and work hard to create a transaction that addresses them. A selling shareholder can have confidence that their company will be handled ethically and responsibly.

Business owners have decided to sell their companies to Metapoint for some of the following reasons:

  • Insight and flexibility

    We understand the many issues that drive businesses to be sold and work to structure a transaction that reflects these key concerns.

  • Willingness to accommodate retirement

    In cases where a business owner has wanted to retire, Metapoint has been able to accommodate these wishes by recruiting a new CEO or supporting the promotion of a senior manager from within.

  • Responsibility

    Metapoint typically maintains an acquired company's name, independence, location, community involvement and people.

  • Competitive pricing

    We are constantly investing in new business opportunities. As a result, we have a good sense for valuations and pay attractive, fair prices for companies.

  • Equity participation

    By selling to Metapoint, owner/executives can obtain liquidity and may retain equity to participate in future growth.

  • Respectful negotiating partner

    We are straightforward negotiators. We will clearly lay out our positions during negotiations, seek to address your concerns, and will follow through on our commitments.

  • Ability to close

    We have made thirty acquisitions in the last thirty years. Our strong track record and network of relationships with the lending community provide assurance that we will close transactions as negotiated.


Please do not hesitate to Contact Us with any opportunities.

The successful manager does not build a business - he builds an organization. The organization builds the business. It is done successfully no other way.”

Metapoint knows from first-hand experience that good management is the key to success in any business. We provide the appropriate blend of oversight, autonomy, motivation and knowledge. Management teams have enjoyed very strong working relationships with Metapoint for the following reasons:

  • Equity

    Metapoint ensures that a management team is incented for the value that it creates. Management co-invests with Metapoint in every business and may earn additional equity through an attractive stock option program.

  • Autonomy/No Bureaucracy

    We expect our CEOs to run their businesses. Each of our portfolio companies operates independently with support from a board of directors, and Metapoint is not involved in day-to-day operations. There are no set reporting requirements; we periodically look for the same core information that management uses to run its business.

  • Guidance

    Management teams can tap into the network of resources that we have developed over the years.

  • Acquisition Support

    Metapoint is experienced at identifying, negotiating and closing add-on acquisitions to provide growth for our portfolio companies. If a strategy of growth through acquisition is appropriate, we can leverage our extensive network to source potential opportunities.

  • Respectful Partners

    We follow through on our commitments and strive to be frank and open with our positions on issues.


Please do not hesitate to Contact Us with any opportunities.

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